Basic Handgun

This course introduces the student to techniques applicable to defensive use of the handgun.  Emphasis is put on shooting skill development for application in recreational and real-life circumstances.  The fundamentals of Mindset, Gun-handling, and Marksmanship are covered in lecture while the practical live aspects are taught on the range.

Other course topics include Situational Awareness, equipment selection, safety, handling, loading, unloading, malfunction clearance, drawing and firing techniques, single hand firing, firing from cover, multiple targets, movement and tactics.

Advanced Handgun

This course begins with an evaluation of the performance expected at the conclusion of Basic Handgun or equivalent, and progresses quickly into an emphasis on applying more advanced techniques under difficult real-life situations.  The development of Reflexive/Subconscious ability is taught.

Topics include increased speed or weapon deployment, increased difficulty of shooting problems and scenarios, disabled and/or injured shooter exercises, shooting from disadvantageous firing positions, shooting while on the move, shooting moving targets, drawing and firing from concealment, as well as many more advanced tactics.

Basic Rifle (Tactical)

This course addresses the effective use of the Tactical or Police rifle/carbine, and the emphasis is on quick, accurate shooting at close to intermediate ranges.  This course covers the fundamentals of safety, manipulation, rifle theory, marksmanship, zeroing, firing positions, and field shooting.  It then progresses into more specialized and advanced techniques applicable to this type of rifle.  Included are carry techniques, tactical/ready positions, shooting on the move, alternative shooting positions, use of cover, multiple shots/multiple targets, and tactical simulations.  Rifles, such as the AR-15, Mini-14, AK Series, SKS, M-1 Carbine, etc. are ideal.  Optics are optional.

Advanced Tactical Rifle

Structured for those who have successfully completed Tactical Rifle or other school's equivalent.  This course takes the student into intense realistic environments of reflexive gun handling and marksmanship, timed skills performance, low light shooting, indoor and outdoor simulators, moving targets/moving shooter engagements, judgmental shooting, longer range shooting, and weapon retention.  Equipment requirements are the same as for Tactical Rifle.

Precision Rifle

This course provides a thorough exposure to precision rifle use, beginning with fundamentals of safety, manipulation, rifle theory, marksmanship, zeroing, firing positions, and field shooting. More advanced topics include: ballistics, range estimation, environmental effects, supports and rests, covert movement, observation and target identification, and practical field exercises. 

Closed Quarter Battle (CQB)

By Request Only

This course focuses on the conditions encountered in most CQB engagements. Heavy emphasis is placed on the use of the firearm from concealment, close distances, movement and close-proximity to structures.  It features extensive use of reality-based scenarios, shooting house work including moving/reactive target engagement. Scenarios requiring interaction with role players and shoot/no-shoot decision making will be conducted.