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Welcome to F-Plan Tactical LLC

F-Plan Tactical is a veteran owned partnership that believes in the second amendment right to own and bear arms.  We realize that with gun ownership comes with great responsibility.  Therefore, we feel it is our duty and obligation to use our 25 plus years of combined military service and over 10 years of shooting competitions to train and educate those that own guns or are planning to buy a gun but do not really know where to start.  So if you are a new gun owner or an avid gun enthusiast trying to expand on your knowledge base we ask that you give F-Plan Tactical, LLC a call and set yourself up for success by starting off on the right path to being a responsible gun owner. 

Defensive Weapons Training to exercise 2nd ammendment



We offer the following courses:

  • Basic Handgun 
  • Advanced Handgun
  • Basic Rifle
  • Advanced Rifle
  • Precision Rifle


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What We Offer


We offer a variety of courses ranging from basic handgun, advanced handgun, and close quarters battle to basic rifle, advanced rifle, precision rifle and home invasion and safety.


Home Invasion & Safety

This course is conducted in home and is designed to help you develop your own plan for you or you and your family that is specific to your needs in the event of a potentially dangerous situation.

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Airsoft and Paintball

We also offer a Tactical course using Airsoft pistols/rifles that will allow you to hone your firearms skills and dry run life scenarios using life-like firearms but without the obvious danger. 

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Birthday Parties

We do offer the tactical course teaching military tactics in a capture the flag type scenario, utilizing teamwork and teaching accountability for not only yourself but those on your team. 

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Closed Quarters Battle (CQB)- Specialty Course

This course focuses on the conditions encountered in most CQB engagements. Heavy emphasis is placed on the use of the firearm from concealment, close distances, movement and close-proximity to structures.  It features extensive use of reality-based scenarios, shooting house work including moving/reactive target engagement. Scenarios requiring interaction with role players and shoot/no-shoot decision making will be conducted. 

This Course is by Special Request Only